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Healthy Hot Cross Buns

Ingredients: 3 Cups Whole Spelt Flour 1/2 Cup Rolled Oats 2 tsp cinnamon, ground 1 tsp salt 3tsp baking powder 1/3 cup Dried Blueberries 2 Eggs (one to glaze) 1/4 cup coconut oil 2 tsp honey 1 tsp vanilla extract

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Burning Fat with Intervals

What is Interval Training? A discontinuous physical training that involved high and low intensity exercise workouts that are interspersed with rest periods. In other words, it is made up of long, short and repeated sprint intervals, defined as the following;

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Our Dietitians are Accredited by the Dietitians Association of Australia and Sports Dietitians Australia. They specialize in weight management, diabetes, cardiovascular health, allergy and intolerance, sports nutrition, gastrointestinal disorders, oncology and paediatric nutrition. Learn more >


Our physio’s are dedicated to getting you back to normal. Specialising in manual treatment sports physiotherapy, core stability strengthening, dry needling and home physiotherapy. Our service is covered by Department of Veteran Affairs, Medicare, Workcover, and Private Health Insurance. Learn more >

Personal Training

Are you looking for a qualified personal trainer on the Gold Coast? Do you want the flexibility to train inside an air conditioned studio or be down on the beach for a beautiful sunrise session? Learn more >

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  • Just wanted to thank you all for helping me achieve my weight loss goals and probably more importantly ticking off my bucket list challenge of learning to run 5 kms. Having never run in my life and always thinking my knees and body weren't built to run I set running a 5 km challenge high on the priority list. Thanks Scott for a programme of gradually conditioning and building certain muscle groups over an 11 week period and running just that little bit extra every Monday with Rachael, I was wrapped to complete the Gold Coast bulletins fun run. My first ever five km challenge!

    Lisa Carkazis

  • The wish of wanting to lose more weight, we set the goal of nine kilos in 10 weeks. If it wasn't for your support and encouragement and not to forget the weekly weigh ins I am sure I wouldn't have had the success I did. With a boxing session with Nathan added to the programme and my love for running increasing each day and a slight change in diet it was awesome to reach goal number two.

    Lisa Carkazis

  • I will be forever thankful to you Scott for helping me get back on track with a fitness routine and conditioning my forty year old body to run. I now have a love for running and I feel fit,healthy and invincible. I have worked my way up to running 10 kms which I do weekly and have just completed the Ronald McDonald 10 km relay run on the weekend with a work mate. I managed to run a PB. I have also lost another two kilos and have maintained that weight for a period of time. We are heading to Noosa soon for the triathlon and this time I will compete in a run rather than just be the support crew. Thanks for turning my life around in the right direction again. I look forward to setting my next challenge and know where to turn when I need some help and support. Thanks for believing in me.

    Lisa Carkazis